How it works

Tuition is billed monthly on the 5th of the month, and entitles you attend regularly each week. This ensures that for the most part, the same dancers will be in your class and you will progress together through the steps and skills.


30 minute classes are $60/month

60 minute classes are $108/month

90 minute classes are $165/month


Due to the fact that the tuition is billed monthly, yet some months have more than 4 classes, you'll get 4 free classes per year. Any classes missed beyond your 4 freebies are handled as follows:

We offer a discounted private lesson rate that applies the cost of your missed lesson to a 60- or 90-minute private lessons to catch up on any missed classes. You may also inquire if there is an open spot in a similar level class for you to jump in for a makeup. Just let us know! 

What to wear

We recommend wearing any kind of tight fitting athletic wear such as yoga pants and a tank top or even tights and a leotard and skirt - that decision is completely up to you and your level of comfort. The key is that your instructor needs to see the form of your body to be able to ensure proper alignment while doing the exercises.

For footwear, you may wear socks for your first class, but we prefer to have our students in a pair of traditional ballet slippers. You can view an example of this type of slippers on Amazon here. You can get any similar ones that you find on Amazon or Discount Dancewear. You'll see a couple of different options for canvas vs leather, split sole vs full sole, and 1 elastic or 2. It's very much a personal preference, but our team prefers canvas shoes, split sole with 2 criss-cross elastic. The full-sole gives you a little more support, but doesn't look as pretty. And the leather lasts a bit longer but doesn't breathe as well and isn't as great for the Marley flooring that we have in the studio. 

Meet your coach, and founder of Broche Ballet


Julie Gill began dancing as an adult and is proof that it is never too late to live your dreams. She excelled quickly under the careful and exacting eye of Beth Kurtz in New York City, achieving pointe work within a short 2 years, and attending youth summer intensives where she danced alongside pre-professional ballet students.

She has always loved to teach and has taught many different subjects to many different audiences throughout her career. When Ms. Kurtz fell ill and was unable to continue teaching, Julie learned from her how to teach and pass along her methods.

As an adult dancer herself, she understands the differences in training adults and children, how to take adult dancers seriously, and she has the unique advantage of remembering how she figured things out which she passes on to her students.

Julie loves to break things down, solve problems, and help people understand the technique of ballet. She founded Broche Ballet so she could share the joy of ballet with all who wish to learn.

I came to Julie with zero experience in dance and expectations based solely on my private lessons with instructors in other disciplines. Our first lesson blew me away.

It seemed like 2.5 hrs worth of content stuffed into a one hour window. Besides my skill level, nothing really changed. They were all like that. My questions never went unanswered and my concerns never left unaddressed. I don’t know—and I can’t help but think about these things—how anything could have gone better.

After over six months with Julie, I do have one regret: I now hold my other teachers to a completely unreasonable standard!
— Bryan

Class types

We offer a range of class types for your needs and physical abilities, including ballet for seniors, ballet for men, and adult ballet classes.

ballet for adults.jpg

Ballet technique class

Learn ballet technique at the barre, jumps, and turns in this 90-minute ballet class.


Low-impact Ballet Class

60 minutes of ballet steps designed for delicate knees, backs, and bones.

We skip deep plies, jumps, and turns. But, we don’t skip proper technique, or fun.


Jumps and Turns

Normally we only sneak 20 minutes of jumps and turns into the end of a standard technique class.

Instead focus only on jumping and turning for 60 minutes.



Join this 30 minutes pointe class to learn proper placement, alignment, and improve en pointe.

If the you're ready for center, you can venture out - otherwise we’ll stay on the barre.

Intermediate and Advanced Class Schedule

Class schedule updated as of Feb 24, 2018

Don’t see something that works for you? Get in touch! We’re always listing new classes and would love the opportunity to work together.

Get started

Answer the questions below to get started. Don't worry, you won't be charged or registered for anything until the very end!If you're not quite ready yet, you can come in for a free preview lesson to get to know us and help select the right level for you.

After registering below, you will be billed today for your first tuition payment. Then on the 5th of the next month you will be billed a pro-rated amount for the next month's tuition. For example, if you pay $165 for 4 classes, but there are only 2 remaining in the month, on the 5th of next month, you'll be charged for only 2 classes, since you would have already paid for 2 classes. On the 5th of the month following that, regular tuition payments will resume ongoing.

If you need to delay your first payment until your first day of classes, please get in touch and we can help you out.

Which level are you interested in?

Level 1 (I have never taken ballet before)

Level 2 (I know a bit about ballet, such as glissades, assembles, and pique turns might sound familiar)

Level 3 (I know a lot about ballet, such as fouettes and brises)

I am not sure, I would like help deciding