Welcome to Broche Ballet

We are an independent studio specializing in private and small-group ballet coaching for teen and adult beginners, pre-professional dancers, and athletes. Unlike other studios, we only offer private and small-group coaching to help introduce new dancers to the world of ballet, or for seasoned dancers, push them to their maximum potential.

We also offer studio rentals for teachers of any art, from yoga to pilates to modern to swing, or dancers who need space to practice.

Space to become who you want to be

Ballet for adult beginners

Dance is a beautiful art form and it is for everyone. It is a powerful way for children and adults, men and women, to push their minds and bodies, develop self confidence, and express themselves. No matter who you are or what walk of life you are from, ballet is for you.

Coaching for Pre-Professional dancers

Having trouble getting ahead in your classes or with your technique? With private coaching, gain a fresh perspective on your dancing, and identify and eliminate habits that are holding you back. Develop new tools and techniques to take you to the next level.

Ballet for Athletes

Get a leg up on the competition with private ballet coaching. Increase mobility, improve agility and spacial awareness, and learn body control.

With packages designed to fit your training schedule on and off season, integrate private ballet training into your workouts.

Studio rentals to practice or teach what you love

We also offer studio space to enable teachers to grow their own coaching businesses, and for individual dancers to practice.

Whether you’re a dancer who needs space to practice, a dance teacher, private voice coach, run small yoga or Pilates workshops, rent the studio space to run your business without the cost of owning your own studio.