If you've always wanted to learn, now is your chance!

Ballet is a powerful way for children and adults, men and women, to push their minds and bodies, develop self confidence, and learn to express themselves. It has a transformative effect on lives and communities, whether a woman who has always wanted to learn ballet but feels like she missed her chance, or a man interested in expressing himself through movement or adding an element of coordination to his routine.

Broche Ballet provides a place for dancers of all ages to love dance.

Meet your coach and founder of Broche Ballet

julie gill hidden art ballet

Julie Gill began dancing as an adult and is proof that it is never too late to live your dreams. She excelled quickly under the careful and exacting eye of Beth Kurtz in New York City, achieving pointe work within a short 2 years, and attending youth summer intensives where she danced alongside pre-professional ballet students.

She has always loved to teach and has taught many different subjects to many different audiences throughout her career. When Ms. Kurtz fell ill and was unable to continue teaching, Julie learned from her how to teach and pass along her methods.

As an adult dancer herself, she understands the differences in training adults and children, how to take adult dancers seriously, and she has the unique advantage of remembering how she figured things out which she passes on to her students.

Julie loves to break things down, solve problems, and help people understand the technique of ballet. She founded Broche Ballet so she could share the joy of ballet with all who wish to learn.

I came to Julie with zero experience in dance and expectations based solely on my private lessons with instructors in other disciplines. Our first lesson blew me away.

It seemed like 2.5 hrs worth of content stuffed into a one hour window. Besides my skill level, nothing really changed. They were all like that. My questions never went unanswered and my concerns never left unaddressed. I don’t know—and I can’t help but think about these things—how anything could have gone better.

After over six months with Julie, I do have one regret: I now hold my other teachers to a completely unreasonable standard!
— Bryan, adult beginner, in his 30s

What we offer

We offer coaching in two formats: private lessons to give you a highly individualized, personal, and private experience, or small-group coaching in classes limited to 3 people to give you a personal yet more affordable approach to learning ballet. Both offer excellent technical ballet instruction for all levels. 

Based on your preference of learning privately or in a small-group, as well as budgeting, you can take one or the other, or mix and match with some of each, to create a ballet program that works for you.