Small-group class types

We offer different types of classes that focus on different abilities, passions, and needs. Learn more below!



Learn ballet technique at the barre, jumps, and turns in this 90-minute ballet class.

Low Impact ballet class.jpg


60 minutes of ballet steps designed for delicate knees, backs, and bones.

We skip deep knee bends, jumps, and turns. But, we don’t skip proper technique, or fun.

Ballet class jumping and turning


Normally we only sneak 20 minutes of jumps and turns into the end of a standard technique class.

Instead focus only on jumping and turning for 60 minutes.

Adult pointe classes


Join this 30 minutes pointe class to learn proper placement, alignment, and improve en pointe.

If the you're ready for center, you can venture out - otherwise we’ll stay on the barre.

Adult stretch class.jpg

Drop-in All level Stretch class

In this class you will prepare your body for ballet class by working to stretch and open your hips, back, feet, and everything in between. You may bring a yoga mat if you are more comfortable working on a mat. 

adult pre-pointe.jpg

Drop-in All Level Pre-Pointe Class

Whether you're already on pointe, or if you're just starting your journey with ballet, prepare your feet and ankles for pointework. In this class you'll stretch and strengthen your feet to prepare them for pointework. You'll learn techniques to release tightness, stretch safely, and build the necessary strength in your feet for pointe. This class will help you dance en pointe safely and achieve proper placement in your pointe shoes.

It's never too early to start preparing your feet for pointe work, and all Broche Ballet students are welcome to join.

Adult tap class

Drop-in All Level Tap Class

Our friends at Tappy Feet offer a fun and quirky open-level tap class in our studios. They'll even lend you a pair of tap shoes!

Come learn tap in a fun environment!

Get Started

If you're not sure which class type is right for you, we offer a free preview lesson to get to know you and help select the right class.