Missing class? Arrange a makeup class below.

Ballet requires commitment, regular attendance, and dedication in order to make progress. Additionally, each class progresses together week-to-week, so being in class is important to keep up and continue improving.

However, we totally understand that as adults, life can be busy: you, your kids, your parents, or your pets get sick; you go on vacation; you get stuck at work; etc.

Any missed class can be made up with a comparable class within 60 days of the missed class. Due to the nature of the small and finely grouped classes, we can’t guarantee that a makeup class will always be available immediately, but will do our absolute best to find you a comparable class!

Let us know what you need using the form below, and we’ll do our best to accommodate with a class wherever possible.

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Can I reschedule a makeup class?

Due to increased demand, our classes are beginning to fill up a lot quicker than usual, and we want to make sure everyone has a fair shot at finding a make up. We are unable to reschedule any makeup classes, and any make ups that are missed will unfortunately be forfeited. 

Step 1) Use the form below to find a comparable class on the schedule

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Step 2) Let us know which class and date you'd like to join

Please let us know the comparable class(es) that you'd like to join! If we have a spot in the class that day, we'll confirm and add you to the schedule!

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Please let us know the comparable class(es) that you'd like to join!