Tuition is automatically billed on the 5th of each month and entitles you to attend your selected class once per week. Because billing is monthly, and some months have more than 4 weeks, this will simply result in 4 free classes per year, but your tuition bill will remain the same.

Tuition is billed at the rate of $165 for each 90-minute class, $108 for each 60-minute class, and $60 for each 30-minute class. For example, if you take a 90-minute Ballet Technique class on Monday nights, your tuition bill will be $165/month. If you take two 60-minute Low Impact ballet classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, your tuition bill will be $216/month.

Tuition subscriptions are automatically billed monthly and will continue unless we are given written notice by email (see below on cancelation).

Missed classes

Ballet requires commitment, regular attendance, and dedication in order to make progress. Additionally, each class progresses together week-to-week, so being in class is important to keep up and continue improving.

However, we totally understand that as adults, life can be busy: you, your kids, your parents, or your pets get sick; you go on vacation; you get stuck at work; etc.

Any missed class can be made up with a comparable class within 180 days of the missed class. Due to the nature of the small and finely grouped classes, we can’t guarantee that a makeup class will always be available immediately, but will do our absolute best to find you a comparable class! We do allow a 4th dancer to join class for a makeup if it’s regularly full!

Let us know what you need using the form below, and we’ll do our best to accommodate with a class wherever possible.

Please use our Makeup Class Finder to let us know about any classes you'll miss and find a makeup.

Referral bonus

We love when you refer your friends to take ballet classes! When your friend purchases a class or lesson, you’ll receive a $50 credit towards your next tuition bill. Click here to learn more.

Locked door and keycode

The studio door at the 1111 N Broadway studio location remains locked at all times. This will help ensure that we can safely leave our belongings in the hallway, and that we will not be interrupted during class time.

When you arrive, please use the keycode located in your appointment confirmation email or that was given to you by Broche Ballet.

If you’re the first one there (even before the teacher), that’s totally ok! Just let yourself in and make yourself comfortable. There is a lamp in the hallway right by the door, and the main lights are in the studio itself on the black pillar between the glass windows when you walk in.

The studio door at the 1060 Bannock St location is only unlocked from 8am-6pm M-F. All other times, we will do our best to unlock the door a few minutes before each class. If you arrive and the door is locked, please give us a call at (720) 593-2073 and if we're at a good stopping point in class, we'll come let you in!


At Broche Ballet, we understand that holidays can be a time to travel, or they can be a time to take extra ballet classes with your time off from work! Holidays can also be stressful, and ballet class can be a reprieve from that stress. We are always pleased to offer flexible options over the holidays. Over holidays, all normal classes will be cancelled and, in as many cases as possible, replaced with optional mixed-level drop-in classes up to 4 dancers. Your tuition bill will not include any of the canceled classes, and drop-in classes will be purchased separately. Drop-in holiday classes to be announced as we get closer to each holiday.

Holiday closure dates:

  • Memorial Day weekend Sat/Sun/Mon May 25-27

  • July 4

  • Labor Day weekend Sat/Sun/Mon Aug 31 - Sept 2

  • Thanksgiving weekend Wednesday - Sunday Nov 20-24

  • Christmas through New Years Dec 21- Jan 1

Switching classes

If a your schedule changes, or you would like to change to a different class for any reason, simply let us know of your desire to move and your new availability, and we’ll suggest options for you. We’ve got a lot of classes, and people’s schedules are always moving around, so we can always find you a new spot if the one you have isn’t working for you.

You can use our Makeup Class Finder to check the schedule for comparable classes for you to switch to.

Cancelling or pausing your tuition

When life is just too busy for ballet right now, or in the case of injury, let us know and we’ll pause your tuition payments until a time when you’re ready to re-start. When you’re ready to pick back up again, let us know, and we’ll find a spot for you. Depending on how long of a break it was, and the available openings in classes, we may have your old spot open, or we may recommend a new spot for you. Or, if you no longer want to take classes at all, we’ll cancel your tuition payments after you’ve taken the classes that you’ve already purchased.

We do appreciate as much notice as possible, even if you will be canceling at a future date. This helps us re-fill your spot in class as soon as we can.

Cancellations must be requested by email by 11:59pm MST on the 3rd of any given month. Requests made after this time will incur a non-refundable monthly subscription payment for that month.

If you have unused classes at the time of cancelation or pausing, you may use those classes as makeups when you have resumed regular ballet classes again. While paused or canceled, you may only use 1 makeup class per month. Makeup classes cannot be applied to future tuition in place of paying for a regularly scheduled class.

We are unable to offer refunds for any drop-in classes, workshops, intensives, or any other classes purchased.

Substitute teachers & canceled classes

If your teacher needs to miss class for any reason, we’ll find a substitute whenever possible. In the rare event that class needs to be cancelled, you will be credited the amount for the missed class on your next tuition payment.

Questions, Concerns, Feedback?

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