Small group ballet classes

Small-group coaching combines the individual attention of a private lesson, but with more affordable rates. You will not only learn and improve ballet in our signature passionate, detailed, and welcoming environment, but also gain the benefits from learning with other students. Learn from each other, hear each other's questions, see how others approach the same challenges that you face. 

Class information

Each class will be limited to 3 people to ensure that you receive individualized attention.

All small-group classes will be taught by Julie Gill, owner and founder of Broche Ballet. She also began dancing as an adult and loves to welcome more adults into the world of ballet. Learn more about her here.

Learning beginner ballet as an adult is a very special experience. I came to Julie at a point in my life where I wanted to grow artistically and learn something new.

Julie is an amazing instructor. Everything she promised happened, and more. Working with her to develop my personal balletic aesthetic has been one of the most rewarding and enriching experiences of my life. It challenged me physically and mentally and pushed me beyond what I ever thought I could accomplish.

The grace that I carry today is from our work together and she never gave up on me even when I felt I wouldn’t be able to master a certain step. She promised me that not only would “I get there” but that “you will make it your own”. Both came true.

I don’t think there is anyone at any age who wouldn’t benefit from working with Julie. Julie’s ballet instruction builds strength, positivity and grace. She is amazing!
— Lise Hughel, in her 50s


All group classes are a rate of $30/hour. Depending on the length of the class and the commitment to classes, the billing will work a bit differently, but the hourly rate will be the same. Choose the option that best describes you below to learn more.

How it works

If you're New to ballet....

To begin your journey with ballet, we offer absolute beginner classes for teens, adults and seniors. They are perfect for people just getting their start in ballet and start at the very beginning. 

The classes each run for 12 weeks and registration is for all 12 weeks. The same 3 dancers will be in class for the length of the class to ensure that all dancers progress together through the class. 


If you're returning to ballet after a hiatus...

Welcome back! Depending on how much you studied in the past and how long it has been, every dancer will be at a different level. All dancers should begin with a free 30-minute preview/placement class to help find the right level. As the classes are so small, it's important that dancers can be matched up based on level.

If you're an experienced ballet dancer...

To continue your journey with ballet, we offer monthly ballet classes. These classes are suited for dancers with experience who are looking to get to the next level. We'll work on details about technique for jumps and turns, and improving your fundamental understanding of ballet steps to help you elevate your dancing. The classes are purchased 4 weeks at a time, and entitle you attend regularly each week and hold your place. 

All dancers should begin with a free 30-minute preview/placement class to help find the right level. As the classes are so small, it's important that dancers can be matched up based on level.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to wear a leotard, tights, and ballet slippers? 

You can begin by wearing tight-fitting workout clothes. For your first session, you may wear socks. After your first session, we will pick out a pair of ballet slippers to order as part of your free gift, and for future sessions, you should wear those. Once we are comfortable with each other, we will discuss what your comfort level with in terms of moving towards more classical ballet attire (e.g. leotard and tights for women and tights and a white t-shirt for men) because it allows us to see more of your body to ensure proper technique and avoid injury.


In order to learn something new, you will have push yourself beyond your comfort zone, but we must not push to the point of pain. Joint pain, sharp pain, or severe discomfort must not be tolerated. If any of that is experienced, we must stop and discover what is causing it. You will find that some things may be hard or uncomfortable, but they must not hurt.


In most cases, YES! If pointe has always been your dream, we will work together to figure out how you can get there. It takes hard work, patience, and time, but it can be achieved. Expect to study for a couple of years before your first pair of pointe shoes, but the length of time can vary depending on the natural bone structure of your feet and how much you practice. 

Have more questions?

Give us a call at 720-593-2073 or contact us using the form below and we'd be happy to help you decide on a level.

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