Adult ballet stretch class

In this class you will prepare your body for ballet class by working to stretch and open your hips, back, feet, and everything in between. You may bring a yoga mat if you are more comfortable working on a mat. 

Taught by Julie Gill, Broche Ballet owner

adult ballet stretch class

Julie Gill began dancing as an adult and is proof that it is never too late to live your dreams. She excelled quickly under the careful and exacting eye of Beth Kurtz in New York City, achieving pointe work within a short 2 years, and attending youth summer intensives where she danced alongside pre-professional ballet students.

She has always loved to teach and has taught many different subjects to many different audiences throughout her career. When Ms. Kurtz fell ill and was unable to continue teaching, Julie learned from her how to teach and pass along her methods.

As an adult dancer herself, she understands the differences in training adults and children, how to take adult dancers seriously, and she has the unique advantage of remembering how she figured things out which she passes on to her students.

Julie loves to break things down, solve problems, and help people understand the technique of ballet. She founded Broche Ballet so she could share the joy of ballet with all who wish to learn.


Class meets Fridays 11:30-12:30 and Saturdays 1-2pm. Cost is $20 for drop-in, or $60/month to attend once per week as a tuition add-on. Send us an email at if you are interested in adding the stretch class onto your tuition.

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